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Portable Wireless Microphone

Portable Wireless Microphone

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Portable Wireless Microphone
Regular price $21.70 USD
Regular price Sale price $21.70 USD

🎀 **Unleash Your Voice Anywhere with the Portable Wireless Microphone!**

Introducing the game-changing Portable Wireless Microphone – your passport to crystal-clear audio, hassle-free connections, and endless recording possibilities. Whether you're a content creator, vlogger, or just someone who loves to be heard, this wireless lavalier microphone is your trusty sidekick for all your audio adventures!

πŸš€ **Features That Hit All the Right Notes:**

1. **Ultra-Low Latency Magic:** Experience a mere 9 ms of ultra-low latency, allowing you to rock outdoor live broadcasts and capture those spontaneous moments in a flash. With a barrier-free reception range of 20 meters, your audio game just leveled up!

2. **No App? No Problem!:** Forget the fuss of downloading apps – this microphone is a plug-and-play marvel! With one-click connection and easy wearability, you'll be up and running in seconds. It's so simple, even your grandma could use it!

3. **Endurance Champion:** No need to worry about running out of steam mid-recording. The Portable Wireless Microphone boasts an impressive 10 hours of endurance. It laughs in the face of noisy environments, ensuring your audio shines bright all day long.

4. **360Β° Sound Detail Capture:** Every whisper, every beat – nothing escapes the keen ears of this microphone! With 360Β° full-pointing pickup, you'll record every detail, creating audio masterpieces that stand out from the crowd.

5. **Compatible with Everything:** Small and mighty, this microphone plays well with various devices. Whether it's your mobile phone, tablet, camera, notebook – if it captures sound, this microphone is ready to elevate your audio game.

πŸ” **Tech Specs that Speak Volumes:**

- **Frequency:** 2.4GHz – Because good vibes should be wireless.
- **Input Voltage:** DC4.8-5.4V – Keeping your microphone powered up and ready for action.
- **Charging Port:** Lightning/Type-C – Options for everyone in the tech playground.
- **Battery Capacity:** 80mAh – A powerhouse for 10 hours of non-stop recording fun.
- **Transmission Distance:** 8m barrier, 20m barrier-free – Break free from the shackles of wires.

🎁 **Package Included – Your Audio Adventure Awaits:**

- 1 x Rechargeable Wireless Microphone – The heart of your audio arsenal.
- 1 x Receiver – The sidekick that ensures your voice is heard loud and clear.
- 1 x English Manual – Because understanding your gear is half the fun.
- 1 x USB Cable – Keeping you charged and ready for your next audio adventure.

🎀 **How to Unleash Your Sound Revolution:**

1. **Get Your Microphone On:** Unbox the Portable Wireless Microphone and let the audio adventure begin.
2. **Plug, Play, Slay:** With one-click connection, plug it in, wear it, and you're ready to rock your recording world.

3. **Explore Endless Possibilities:** From outdoor live broadcasts to intimate video diaries, let your creativity flow with the freedom of wireless audio.

4. **Share Your Sonic Triumphs:** Show off your crystal-clear recordings and become the audio maestro you were born to be!

Upgrade your audio game with the Portable Wireless Microphone – where simplicity meets sophistication, and every sound is a masterpiece in the making! 🎢✨

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